Please register on-line for classes.  Once you've registered for your classes a Request for Payment will be emailed to you where you can then choose to pay on-line or by check.  If you pay by check, please bring it to your first class or mail it to SI Dance, 3709 Suite B Strawberry Plains Rd,Williamsburg VA, 23188. If this is your first time registering for the 2017-2018 year, an annual registration fee of $30 for a single student or $45 for multiple students, will be added to your final balance.  For hourly rates and program pricing, please refer to the Rates page. 

*Summer Classes are priced per class and the appropriate fee will be generated when you register.*

Show classes for:

Dancers will work on basic postitions and technique exercises that will help devlope grace and confidence. Ballet is the building block for all dance forms.


Contemporary: Interpretive dance performed to the lyrics of music. Lyrical: Combination of Jazz and Ballet.



Musical Theatre

Musical theater is a combination of dancing and acting, similar to what would be seen in musicals and broadway shows.  Dancers learn to incorporate a personality or story line into their dancing.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a dance style, usually danced to Hip Hop music, and includes a wide range of styles like breaking, locking and popping.


Dancers will work on timing and agility while creating rhythms with their feet. This class will also help dancers with musicality which is used in all dance forms.


Dancers will learn steps to upbeat music while working on turns and leaps in the jazz technique. They will also learn the importance of flexibility and strength.

Summer - Beg/Int

For the beginner dancer ages 9-11, or by level placement.

Summer - Int/Adv

Dancers with intermediate/ advanced experience. For ages 12 and above,  or by level placement.

Tiny Tots

Boys and Girls ages 3-4. This 45 minute class will combine both pre-ballet and pre- tap for pre-school age dancers. This class is geared toward improving basic motor skills, agility and rhythm. Dancers will also learn basic life skills in the class setting including spacial awareness, taking turns, standing in line, listening, talking with appropriate, respect, good posture, following directions and sharing!


Athletic in nature, this class involves strengthening, flexibility, dance technique and tumbling.


Modern is a free, expressive style of dancing started in the early 20th century as a reaction to classical ballet.

Summer - Mini Movers

Boy and Girls age 5-8. These classes will combine both tap/ballet, jazz/acro, or hip hop.

Mini Movers

Boy and Girls age 5-8. These classes will combine both tap/ballet, jazz/acro, or hip hop.